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Quality. Loyalty. Nationwide Reach.

Subscriptions: 90% Subscriber, 10% Non-subscriber

Indonesian readers 70%, Expat readers 30%

Print circulation: 85,000

ePaper subscription: 12,000

Sumatra 3.56%, Kalimantan1.65%, Sulawesi-Maluku-Papua 0.82%, West Java 3.78%, East Java 2.53%, Bali NTT & NTB 8.59%, DI Yogyakarta 2.37%, Central Java 1.21%, Greater Jakarta 75.48%

Koran Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post.

As the largest and most established English language newspaper in Indonesia, The Jakarta Post is considered the authority on the nation for its comprehensive news and analysis in English. For more than 30 years, readers have come to trust our independent coverage and insightful views.

Loyal readers.

The Jakarta Post has 85,000 print circulation and 12,000 ePaper subscribers. Over 90 percent of our 85,000 circulation are subscribers. Many of them are longtime readers – affluent and highly influential in their respective fields. The Jakarta Post is one of the few Indonesia media to reach this important segment in Southeast Asia’s largest nation.

Nationwide reach.

Circulation covers all the major cities of Indonesia. As part of the biggest media distribution network in Indonesia, The Jakarta Post greets its readers living in the regions receive their newspapers with the same punctual delivery.


Affluent. Intellectual. Infulencers.

It is entirely apt to call The Jakarta Post readers the “top of the top”. They are positioned atop Indonesia’s socio-economic income, as confirmed by an AC Nielsen survey we commissioned in May 2014.

The survey revealed that our readers are well educated and highly mobile, traveling routinely for both business and pleasure. This fact creates excellent opportunities for the tourism industry, including airlines, hotels and restaurants.

As the upper intellectual middle class, our readers consider financial security a top priority. They engage in various kinds of savings and investments, and are holders of multiple credits cards.

For their transportation needs, our readers take a balanced approach between luxury and functionality in their choice of pfererred cars; 37 percent of them own two or more cars for daily use.

Our readers also rely on state of the art information technology and gadgets to keep connected to work, friends, and family.

The survey also shows that reputation matters most to our readers, who opt for premium products and high quality services.

In short, they are the most affluent and influential members of our society. Look to The Jakarta Post to connect your business to them.

Gender 69% male, 31% female

Marital status 63% Married, 37% Single

Education 71% Undergraduate, 19% Postgraduate, 7% Diploma, 3% High School.

Socio-economic status, A (4 MIO) & above, 5% C1 (1.75-2.5 MIO), B (2.5-4 MIO)

Occupation: white collars 91%, student 5%, not working 3%, housewife 1%.

Position: Top management 55%, Independent professional 16%, Other 29%.

Type of CC owned: Silver 22%, Gold 68%, Platinum 23%.

Regular Travelers: 84% traveled by the plane in the past 12 months

Average spending per month IDR 3.6 Million

THE JAKARA POST is now available via e-paper subscription. Our e-paper service provides convenient access to your favorite newspaper for those of you who are outside Indonesia, or are located in Indonesia but cannot obtain morning home or office delivery of the Post.

Bringing Advertisers and Customers Together.

Reach the readers of Indonesia’s leading English-language daily with the Clads, the newspaper’s Classified Ads section, the prime spot where advertisers meet their potential customers.

For its here that readers come without fail to search for products and services, and also find out what is going on around town.

Classified Ads appear in various attractive formats. Put the spotlight on a corporate activity, property, newly launched products, weddings, automobiles or gadgets and technology in specially designated coloumns – it’s up to you!

The Where to Go section can also highlight a product or service in bringing you to the attention of readers.

Schedule of Supplements & Clads 2015

Reguler Supplement Topics : Tourism, Automotive, IT & Gadgets, Property, Insurance, Health, Banking

“Untuk perusahaan yang butuh pasang iklan laporan keuangan di media koran berbahasa Inggris, biasanya memilih koran The Jakarta Post ini sebagai media iklan, karena sudah tidak ada lagi koran berbahasa Inggris lain di Indonesia yang sanggup bersaing dengan media koran The Jakarta Post ini.”

Supplement Calender :

  • January : National Nutrition Day, Corporate Showcase
  • Februari : Valentine’s, Chinese New Year, Spring Holiday
  • March : MICE, Higher Education, Building Material
  • April : Earth Day, World Autism Day, Education Tabloid, Watches, Banking, National Diabetes Day
  • May : Pre-IPA, National Education Day, Post-IPA, Insurance, Summer Holiday
  • June : Ramadhan Fiesta, Jakarta Great Sale, Environment Day
  • July : National Children’s Day
  • August : World Breastfeeding Week, Banking, Malaysia National Day
  • September : World Literacy Day, Employment Safety, Overseas Property, World Tourism Day, World Alzheimer’s Day, IIMS 2015, IT & Gadget
  • October : Insurance, Education Tabloid, Winter Holiday, Overseas Hotels
  • November : National Teachers Day, National Health Day, CSR, Deephavali
  • December : World AIDS Day, Year End Festivities, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Banking

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